Data Entry Service

It is a history that company will give 20$/ hour for data entry job. India is taking all the jobs in this data entry sector. Now its turns for Bangladesh. As the employee cost per hour is least in Bangladesh comparing to other countries. Bangladesh is now becoming the giant in this data entry sector. Already a huge number of companies has shifted there data entry office to Bangladesh. If it is data entry and your office is not only Bangladesh then surely you are loosing a great deal of money

We can arrange a data entry setup for you which will cost only $3/ hour.
For details call +8801916587399 (10 am – 5 pm GMT +6.00)


Worried about your product promotion? Want to send your brochures to your customers? Textual paper is old thing. You need smart things for your smart customer. Here comes interactive digital brochure. It will solve your problem. And prsent your themes and products to your customer in an interactive way. Price starts from 25,000 tk/ 450$


We can transform your website banner in an animated flash banner. User will stack on your website. It will increase the stay time in your website upto 60%. That is the traffic. Without traffic a website is meaningless. Our creative banner will solve this problem for you. Price starts from 5,000 tk/ 100$.