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We use the finest state of art technology to automate your business. Cloud computing, cloud storage, secure infrastructure and enrich technological platform will make your business shine.

Our automation mechanism will provide you an ease and at the same time it will provide flxibility and transparency to your stackholders.

Why Bengal Solutions Limited.

Bengal Solutions Limited is a leading IT firm from Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a pioneer in IT outsourcing market in Bangladesh, Bengal Solutions Ltd. proudly representing Bangladesh to the international marketplace.Bengal Solutions Limited has been providing Web Design, Web Development, SEO and Domain Hosting services for over last 7 years. With a team of 50+ experienced and professional web designers, developers and SEO experts we started in the year 2007 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. And now Bengal Solutions Ltd. offers a wide range of online services ranging from Customised Website Development, Web Hosting Services, Search Engine Optimisations, e-Commerce Websites, Internet Marketing Solutions, Mobile and Web Applications and Custom Software Development.

We are one of those reputed IT companies who listen, guide and become an end-to-end partner to execute and achieve your online goals. Working round the clock to satisfy more than 1000 clients across 15 countries we tend to become of the most respected IT companies in Bangladesh.

When it comes to creative and innovative solutions with a very affordable price we are just unbeatable in Bangladesh or may be beyond! “Quality And Affordable Price” is the trademark of our services.

Services we offer

Offshore Partnerships

Searching for the best and cheapest web design and software development company? With 24x7 customer service and affordable programmers we can be the perfect outsourcing partners from Bangladesh for your next IT project. To reduce your next project cost and ensure high quality work just give us a try. We will not let you down.
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