Domain Name Registration

There was a time when domain name registration in Bangladesh was very difficult and time consuming. But nowadays any Bangladeshi can register a domain for his or her website or business within few minutes. is giving the opportunity to register any domain name in Bangladesh including,, .com, .net, .info etc.

Domain Name

Everyone in the business industry, especially those that are operating online knows how important having a domain is. Before discussing the importance of having a domain, it is essential that the definition of the domain must be discussed in order for you to understand its concept and its role to every online business. Domain in simple terms is the online address. In building your own online business or site, it is essential that you also have a name. This is because individuals can easily remember a website if its name is related to the theme or subject that the website is trying to relay.

Importance of Domain Names

You may have a great website plan or discussed about your site with a web designer in Bangladesh. But without buying a domain you are nowhere in the process of having your own site or online business.

Having a domain means that the more customers will be visiting your website and utilizing the services that you are offering. A domain name can also give web visitors an idea about the kinds of services that a particular site is providing. In return, they will be more interested to avail the services. Having a brandable name is also a way for you to increase your customers. Just like the word-of-mouth concept in marketing, once the customer easily found your website and was satisfied with the service, there is a possibility that they will also spread the word about the service that your site is offering. With correct on and off page search engine optimization services, once you have a unique name, there is a great chance that you will also be on the top lists of every search engines which is what every website or business owner aims.

Right Domain Registrar

In some countries, domain registration specifically in Bangladesh, is one the most growing services which are being offered. Since there are a lot of domain registration companies in Dhaka or BD that you can find, choosing the correct one has also become vital. Aside from the name that you must have for your site, you should also consider the factors in choosing the right registrar. Here are some of the factors that you need to take into account before selecting a domain registration company in Bangladesh.

First and foremost, you ought to know how long that company has been operating in Bangladesh. You must also be guaranteed that once you have chosen that company, you will be able to have full control of all the aspects that concern your domain like changing the IPS tags, and the name server. Take into consideration the activities like transferring your domain or changing hosts, if your preferred registration company will charge you a fee for doing that then you must reconsider because these fees is unnecessary especially be paid if the company that you have selected is a  good one. Make sure that you get at least 1 to 5 POP3 email accounts which should be free of charge when you decide on them for your name registration firm.

The company that you should prefer should be a ICANN accredited or partner of ICANN accredited Company. Always go with companies that allow you to send mail through their own SMTP servers. Lastly, and the most important, though this is already mentioned, only choose domain registration companies in BD that will give you the control over your domain.

BengalSols: Domain Registration in Bangladesh

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