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When you are looking for a web hosting company in Bangladesh, you need to choose a company that not only provides affordable price, but plenty of services and spaces as well. Believe it or not, we are the top and best web hosting company in BD for your needs may also be the cheapest as well. If you are planning to start an online business, e-commerce or personal website, then you have to have all the benefits of web hosting features and services. And Bengal Solution Limited is the only company which is providing all the benefits and features of web hosting in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Reputed Web Hosting in Bangladesh

You may ask why BengalSols’ hosting when there are plenty of other hosting providers to choose from. The answer is pretty simple we are hosting more than 5,000 domains in Bangladesh since 2007 and a very well known, experienced and reputed company in this industry. It’s best to leave a new or unknown web hosting service provider for your business website or own personal blogs and spend a little money each month for a high quality hosting service. And we are the only and best Bangladeshi web hosting company which offers their clients USA based highest quality hosting service with 99.9% uptime and 30 days unconditional money back guarantee.

Moreover, other hosting company may not provide you good domain names that can be crafted into money generating businesses or websites. And we also offer .com, net, or .com.bd, com.net and other domain registration in Bangladesh with a unique domain name finding tool.

Choosing Right Hosting Company

The first step you need to take before looking at cheap web hosting in Bangladesh is what your online business will entail in terms of size, space and needs. If you are selling a line of products or services, then you’ll need plenty of space for pages, contents and the likes. Plus, you’ll need assistance when it comes to expansion of what you offer as well as quick answers to your questions when they arise.

Whether you design your website alone or hire a web development company in Bangladesh or team of professionals, what you need is server space that is more than adequate to your needs and provides plenty of room for expansion. Another aspect to look for when designing your website is the format that you choose for your online business. Will it be a traditional website or more blog oriented? Blog-based websites have become quite popular in the past few years thanks to the rapid expansion of the social networks as well as the ease of maintaining blog-oriented programs.

However, if you are selling only a single product or service, such as a book that you’ve written for example, then you may want to have a traditional website since there is little need for a lot of additional space. If you have written another book, it’s better to simply build another website and feature it along with links that connect all of your books to a singular “author’s” webpage.

BengalSols is Your Web Hosting Solution

Finally, you will probably want some type of referrals or at least polls some of the web hosting company’s clients and see how happy they are with the services provided. A really good web hosting service providers takes care of their customers who stay with them year after year, often expanding their online businesses through acquiring more domains, expanding their own services and bottom line all at the same time. Watch our clients’ video testimonials as well see the number of our Facebook likes to understand BengalSols popularity and clients’ satisfactions level.

Whatever type of online business you select, you can find highest quality at the same time cheap web hosting service provider in Bangladesh that features plenty of options, including unlimited domain names and comprehensive and 24 hours customer support while paying only a minimal fee. Try BengalSole, the best and cheap web hosting in Bangladesh for all of your online business needs. We will not disappoint you, Guarantee.


Corporate Secured Hosting

Our Corporate Secured Hosting will give you more secured and most uptime server from USA. Price starts from 6000TK for 1GB space.

We provide fastest hosting server from UK and USA.

Before taking your hosting plan first decide how many emails you need for your organization. Then choose your plan.

For details call +88-01755637833 (10 am – 5 pm GMT +6.00)


If your need bigger space besides our plan. We can arrange it. Please contact with our sales for details. Price starts from 25,000 tk/ 450$

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