Accounting software 2.1 is released

[08 October 2010] Accounting software 2.1 is released. Added new features. Fixed several small bugs and outlook has been changed.

Details Features:-

  • Create accounts ledger for transaction
  • User can create ledger or group or sub group
  • Cost category and cost centers with general accounts
  • Ledger will be added to the list
  • Edit or modification or deletion of ledger, group, or sub group will be there
  • User can add or modify or delete any accounting head.
  • Entry of different types of voucher will be there
    • o Receive
    • o Payment
    • o Contra
    • o Journal
  • Ledger list can be viewed by the user
  • A short inventory will be there for stock item
  • User can add item to the stock
  • Can stock status
  • Stock item will automatically affect the accounting report


  • Can view all types of transaction through voucher (day book)
  • View all types of ledger and their current status (opening and closing balance)
  • View trial balance, profit & loss account, balance sheet.
  • View the stock summery
  • Report can be viewed for any given time period.