Login to the unmanaged dedicated linux hosting server

If you purchase a unmanaged dedicated linux hosting server from Bengal Solutions, we provide you a set of public and private key along with a password key phrase.

Step 1:

Download WinSCP software and install it.

Step 2:

Open the WinSCP software

dedicated server login 
by winscp

1. we have given you a root ip address of your server. Type your given IP.
2. Type user name as “root”
3. We have given you a Keyphrase password. Type that password in the password input box.
4. Click the advance button

Step 3:

we have given you a set of private and public key for your dedicated server. Stored those keys in a secured folder at your PC/Laptop.


1. Browse or locate that private key.
2. Then click the ok button.

Step 4:

dedicated server login last step

1. You can save your settings for future login.
2. Click the login button.

Now you will get the access of your root folder.