The all new featured iPhone 4 launched

As Apple is known for, surprises with all those newest features. So is again with the launch of iPhone 4. The new apple phone is yet another surprise with some great newer, enhanced features. Similar to other iPhones just by outlook, all the features are allocated with the expansion of those from the conversation to the camera, and let’s not forget the new rich IOS 4(unique Apple phone OS). The all new iPhone 4 is much wider(58.6 mm) but thinner(9.3 mm) in shape. The display came out with 960-by-640 resolution 326 ppi and multi-touch option also.


The most prominent feature that the new iPhone 4 includes, is FACETIME video calling. Perhaps for what all of us were waiting for, and yes the waiting time is over! While it matters of communication, this feature is definitely as a mentor to other smartphones and even to the tablets. Two built in cameras has been included enhanced to 5 mega pixel (3 MP in iPhone 3GS) with LED flash, which was not available in the previous editions of iPhone and HD video recording, editing is available too. Multitasking allows you to switch between different apps without reducing any speed or battery life. Even you can get VoIP calls on it while running other apps.


Another unique feature of the iPhone 4 is it’s availability in the CDMA network. Which differs and keeps it from other iPhones and smartphones as well.